Monogram Décor is your partner in building your home (if it’s new or it needs an upgrade). If you are looking for content or information concerning home services and construction, you’ve come to the right place. Our blog is dedicated to topics about exterior and interior design. Whether your taste is contemporary or classic — or an interesting mix of both — you’ll find inspiration and ideas, the latest information, and products to help you renovate, decorate and build a home the way you want it.


The Monogram Décor team believes that improving your home should be a fun venture, but we also know that it can be a costly and daunting task. For these reasons, we empower our readers with design-forward, expert curated content to create a space that you’ll want to live in. Our goal is to make “aspirational” attainable and affordable — whether you’re considering a renovation or creating a designer-level home. 

We started our blog because, like you, we want to make the best lives by living in the best home, whether that means searching for décor that will complete our home or planning for a dream home for your future family.   

Build your dream home (and your dreams) with Monogram Décor today.


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Miyuki Hanazawa – Miyuki is an interior designer with a passion for making indoor spaces beautiful, functional and safe. Working at one of NYC’s top interior designing firms, Miyuki lives and breathes space requirements, decorative items and blueprints.

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Shaun Hutchinson – Shaun has been an architect for more than five years and couldn’t be happier with his current occupation. He enjoys creating designs for alterations, redevelopments and new construction projects. When he’s not “being a Ted Mosby” (as he likes to call it), he watches sitcoms with his dog, Maurice.

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Carol Ann Pinto – As an exterior designer, Carol’s job is to make sure the home looks attractive and exudes the best curb appeal. Since moving to New York, she has opened her own design firm and is working with contractors to deliver the best services to her clients. 

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